We never felt defeated

Milla and Krilla are old friends that joined the guiding profession together. When they realised all their guiding plans for 2020 had been turned upside down, they put their heads together and created new opportunities by combining new target groups with unused resources. Their story is an inspiring example of innovation from necessity.

Their company is called Millu og Krillu ferðir (Milla’s and Krilla’s Tours). Krilla is Kristín Jóna Hilmarsdóttir and Milla is Emelía Blöndal. It’s Milla that’s on my Zoom. After the obligatory “Can you hear me?” I ask her to tell me a little about the background of the company.

“We’ve been friends for 20 years. Early on we started an all-women hiking group with our friends and we would do two trips a year, with me taking a big part in the planning. Those trips were so fun and exciting, we rented buses and trailers, crossed rivers, hiked the highest peaks in Vatnajökull glacier and so on. And it was always us girls, no men around. In fact, the trips were so fun that we used to joke that we should sell 1 or 2 seats on each trip to tourist, to pay for our cost. Because who wouldn’t want to pay for traveling with us, we thought we were so much fun to be around” says Milla laughing.

Read the interview in WeGuide January 2021

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