TourBunny: “Everyone working with people has had these experiences”

When Ágnes Viktória Jávorszky and Antonio Mitag came to Iceland five years ago, they started working in tourism. One sleepless night, their interactions with clients sparked the birth of TourBunny, a hilarious comic about a bunny that works in tourism and has very relatable experiences with customers. We Guide talked to Viktória and Antonio about their time in Iceland, the international success of TourBunny and some of the most memorable customer interactions they have had.

– Tourism workers find themselves in the comics and that’s why we gained so much feedback, but also people from retail and customer support. Everyone who works with people experiences those things. Everyone experiences people pushing their heads through the tiny hole and spewing Corona all over you. Everyone working with people has had these experiences, just with other words. And I think that’s why the comics are so liked. We’ve had people working in zoos, airplanes and airports contacting us with stories.

Read the interview in WeGuide March 2021

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