Running shoes for winter

The winter is already here and freezing cold, snow, maybe rain and storms are obviously not the reason to stop exercising. When the future of gyms being open or not is very uncertain it looks like outdoor is all we have left. Fortunately, Reykjavik is surrounded by hiking and running paths, not to mention other parts of Iceland. I will focus on running though, trail running to be more specific. Let’s try to find a perfect shoe for you.

What may be important is to look after waterproof shoes and many producers gear their favorite models with gore-tex membrane. However, you should remember shoes with membranes are relatively warmer, so if you don’t want to overheat your feet, you should maybe take a look at water-repellent or fast-drying material. I, myself, like the type with no membrane since I tend to usually feel hot in my legs and feet when running, and instead of a membrane, I prefer to use overlays (short gaiters) to stop snow and water from falling into the shoe from above.

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