How to deal with darkness?

You wake up at 7.30 am and it’s completely dark outside. You turn on the artificial sun, make strong coffee, and look blankly at the white light of the lamp for a moment. At 8 am in the dark you leave for work. You eat breakfast at night. The second coffee – at 10.00 am – you sip while looking at the moon. At 11.20 am you are already thinking about lunch and the sun has not yet risen. Something gray appears outside the window around noon, then disappears three or four hours later. At 5.00 pm you feel like it’s very late, but you want to go jogging or go to the gym. „How?! In the middle of the night ?!” – your body seems to be asking. Welcome to Iceland in winter.

The beginning of November is the moment when the polar nights crawling into our homes are beginning to take their toll. Every day we lose about 5 minutes of light (which means that every day the sun rises later and sets earlier), so the impression of complete darkness is like turning off the light. It is exactly the same in summer when it suddenly gets bright. This time, however, we are after, paraphrasing the classic hit Pink Floyd, on the dark side of the earth, so no sun for us.

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