First and only magazine for tourism industry workers in Iceland. Do you want to contribute?

An online “trade” magazine for anyone that comes in contact with tourists through their profession. Guides, drivers, front desk staff, sales, servers… it’s for you! This magazine is a platform for sharing information, learning new things and creating a community within the field. 

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We are seeking to raise funds to help cover the cost of launching the first two issues (December 2020 and January 2021). After that, we hope the magazine will be self-sustainable by selling advertisements.

The funds raised will go towards paying content creators (other than editing staff) and launching the website. 

The editing team has extensive experience in media, as well as all being professional guides. In addition, experienced people will join the creative team to have a wide variety of content for every profession in the tourism sector.

We have a feeling this might become your favourite magazine

What is all the fuss about?

In a normal season, between 30 and 40 thousand people work in tourism in Iceland, directly and indirectly. Every one of them is constantly doing their best to help visitors have an unforgettable experience in one of the most versatile and picturesque countries on Earth.

All of those hard working people deserve a media platform for sharing information and advice, telling stories, learning new things and talking together about their common interests.

We aim to be that platform

An online magazine aimed at everyone that works with tourists. Guides, drivers, front desk staff, sales, servers, rangers, museum staff… this will be your magazine.

To clarify, we are not a travel magazine, our readers are first and foremost the people that make the magic happen – the workers out in the field. We all know that working in our sector is unlike anything else. We exist in a bubble where the only elements are fun, enjoyment, adrenalin, stress and itineraries. Your friends and family don’t understand why you put yourself through this, but we do. And that’s why we want to create this magazine.

Something for everyone

We are excited to bring you new content every month, including news, interviews, advice, gear reviews, articles about geology, history, safety, nature protection, eco tourism, regulations and different cultures, restaurant and hotel reviews, guide of the month, job postings, etc., etc.!

The magazine’s website,, will bring you news in between publications, as well as hosting each published issue – free for anyone to read.

The magazine will be in English, recognizing that many who work in the field are not native Icelandic speakers.

And if you feel like something is missing, just let us know – or maybe consider joining the creative team!

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